My name is Tor; I’m a speaker for spirit and healer.

I hold space for healing, bringing forward messages from spirit and helping others connect with their intuition.

Spirituality and mediumship have been a part of my life since childhood. My grandmother was a clairvoyant medium, and I have sat in a psychic circle since 2013.

My purpose in life is to hold space for healing and spiritual experiences.

I currently deliver online and in-person one-to-one spiritual healing sessions and psychic sittings. I also hold group sessions online and in person.

I hope my content will help you feel solace and calm.

My approach to spirituality and mediumship is grounded, down to earth and evidence-based.

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Tor is a Speaker for Spirit, a Healer and the Founder of Esoteric Studies Institute. He offers one-to-one psychic sittings, healing sessions and a wide range of group offerings. He writes about spirituality, healing and culture.